A good SEO company will provide an analysis service

Usually, SEO service providers provide free services, namely a brief analysis of the level of competition for the niche or keywords that we aim at. Furthermore, the better ones will provide you with the experienced consultor seo as well. Make sure that the service provider that you want to hire is willing to provide this service so you know the level of difficulty. If the service provider does not want to provide an analysis of your website or provide additional rates then you should think again to use their services.

A competent SEO service provider will be willing to provide a brief analysis of your website and also about competing for your niche website in search engines for free. Actually, the brief analysis done does not need to be too deep and this is not something complicated to do by someone who understands SEO. This is one way we assess the ability of the SEO service provider, whether he is able to provide professional analysis of the competition in your niche and also about the quality of SEO from your site.