How to Keep Your AC System Work Well

After getting the AC repair service from, you should know how to keep your AC working as it should. The air conditioner is not noisy, cold but does not make the chills and dry skin, eliminating the smell is ideal for many people. Durable and saving electricity certainly everybody’s desires. Very few people know how to use the correct air conditioner. The majority of people still incorrectly use the air conditioner which results in high electricity costs and make the air conditioner quickly damaged. Many factors that cause air conditioning is not cold, wrong indoor placement for instance. the larger the desired target temperature difference with the outside ambient temperature, the heavier the AC work, especially if the room insulation is not good.

If we often go out into the room, make sure the door is always closed again. Or if our bedroom has a bathroom, make sure the door is always closed again. Why? Because once there is an open door, a cold wind will immediately exit the room, and the air conditioner will again try to lower the temperature in the room.