What is green reading in golf?

Reading green is an act of imagining, guessing, visualizing or describing the path of rolling the ball after being hit. Usually reading the green is done when the golfer wants to putter a punch. By practicing reading green, golfers can hit the ball on the right track with the right strength so that the ball can end in a hole or stop near the hole. Meanwhile, you can go to https://www.golfsavers.com/thailand/bangkok-golf-courses to find high-quality golf courses in Bangkok.

There are several things on the green that can affect the movement and speed of the ball, namely the level of the slope, humidity of the grass, height of grass, wind, the level of soil density and the direction of grass growth. This condition is what you should be able to read when you want to roll the ball into a hole. Errors in reading green conditions can cause the ball to roll slowly so that it stops before it reaches the hole or rolls into the wrong track. The importance of practicing how to read green golf is to avoid this error.