The Importance of Getting Advanced Consultation After Undergoing Plastic Surgery

Advanced consultation is usually scheduled when the healing period begins. If at that time there is no development, the surgeon may provide medications and instructions or take additional measures that can help speed up patient recovery. When you meet Peter B Fodor MD, FACS – Plastic Surgery – Los Angeles CA, you will know what to do not only before the procedure of plastic surgery but also after that procedure during your healing.

Who Should Continue Advanced Plastic Surgery Consultation and Expected Outcomes Anyone who has undergone plastic surgery is scheduled for the further consultation. The goal is to make sure that the wound heals properly and in some cases, to release the sewing thread, bandage, or bandages. These advanced consultations provide an opportunity for patients to discuss their concerns if any, or symptoms of worsening injuries suffered by patients between when they have been discharged from the hospital and a follow-up consultation schedule. Patients may request further consultation more often until the wound heals completely and the swelling disappears.