Characteristics and Structure of Essays

In the world of writing, writing an essay is certainly no stranger to us all. There are essays in the form of fiction works there are also non-fiction works. One non-fiction essay that is no stranger is like the academic community, one of which is an essay. Maybe almost everyone, whether consciously or uncertainly read an essay. In making an essay there are several rules that must be obeyed. In addition, the essay also has various types, depending on the purpose of the essay writing.

Just as with all papers, to distinguish them from other essays, the essay has several characteristics, including:

– In the form of short bouquets
Essays are a type of prose in the form of writing. Essays are written in short sentences. This is because the essay consists of a concise and clear brief study that is easily understood by the general public.

– Has a distinctive language style
Because it is strongly influenced by the author’s point of view, of course, the writing style of each essay writer will be different and carry their own characteristics. Essays can be written by all who want to respond to a problem or raise certain issue issues to be discussed, thus each essay will be different in style from one individual to another.

In order for the essay to be written later to be good and easy to understand when writing we need to pay attention to the essay-forming structures, as follows:

– Preliminary
An introduction is the initial structure of the framework builder of the essay. The introduction will usually reveal at a glance the topic or theme that will be raised in the whole essay.

– Content
This section is a core part of the essay building structure. In this section, topics or themes that have been previously selected will be discussed and explained in more detail and detail. In the discussion, writing will describe his opinions and arguments chronologically or sequentially so that the essays written will be coherent.

– Conclusion

As the name suggests, the closing part is the last part in composing an essay. This section contains conclusions in the form of sentences that summarize the main points that have been submitted previously in the introduction and discussion. The conclusions should be short, concise and clear, and not extended to other topics.