A Unique Culture Only in Japan

Japan is a developed country known for its technological advancements. To know more about Japan, you can visit sterling house trust. In addition, Japan is also famous for its unique and unusual cultural density. In fact, the uniqueness of Japanese culture is rarely found in other countries, such as:

1. A vending machine that sells various goods

The Japanese are very fond of practicality. Do not be surprised if the vending machines in Japan sell a variety of goods, such as drinks, food, T-shirts, bananas, cigarettes, umbrellas and even condoms and panties.

2. Coins that have a hole in the middle

The Japanese currency on 5 and 50 yen pieces has a hole in the middle. It used to be so that it can be strung together with a strap making it easier to carry.

3. Chocolate with a strange taste variant

Japan sells chocolate with a variety of unusual flavors, such as chili flavor, wasabi flavor, sweet potato flavor, banana flavor, apple flavor, etc.

4. A separate driver license to drive manual and matic cars

Driver’s license in Japan is divided into 2, namely SIM manual and automatic SIM. The difference, manual license holders are allowed to drive an automatic and manual car, while the holder of an automatic driver can only drive an automatic car only.