Things you must know about Instagram business accounts

There is no statistical data that states that updating business Instagram periodically can increase the number of followers. But based on the experience of Daniel Dipiazza who update Instagram every two hours can increase the number of followers drastically from 0 – 10,000 followers in one month. Aside from that, perhaps you also need to buy Instagram likes.

Watch The Quality Of Every Post

Want to know the quality of every post you upload on Instagram business? You can use some Instagram analytics tools like Iconosquare and SimplyMeasured that can give you detailed information about the number of likes and comments. Even you can also find out what kind of posts are most desirable.

Follow Behind your Follower

Unfortunately, many brands do not follow their followers on Instagram. Even the “0 following” status is considered the professionalism of a brand. And by doing so you can find out what kind of posts are most liked by them and this can also be a kind of reward for them because it has to follow your business Instagram account.