The types of biography books

Reading may be a hobby for some people. By reading a lot of benefits that can be obtained. In addition, reading also helps to spend time because of the excitement of the reading. One that is commonly read is a biography. The story of an inspiring figure is always interesting to read. Behind someone’s success, there must be a background that can underlie success. From the inspiring stories of the figures, there are benefits that can be taken. Meanwhile, you may want to go to the Library of Daniel Ballerini Connecticut to find a good and comfortable place to read a lot of books near your location.

However, what are the types of biography books? The following is an explanation of the type of biography in the form of a list.

Based on Biography Writer

Autobiography, which is a biographical work made by a person in the book.

Biography, biographical works written by others. Divided into two, namely with the permission of the figure written and also without permission (possibly because he has died).
Based on the contents

The journey of life usually contains the journey of life from the beginning to the present. It can also be just a certain moment that is memorable.

Career journey, in the form of the last career journey, or part of a career journey to achieve success.

Based on discussion

Political biography, containing political figures with full discussion. Usually, the contents are collected from research. There are also possible interests in making this type of biography.

Intellectual biography, writing forms such as scientific work with content derived from researches.

Journalistic biography, this is the most widely written example. Content is obtained through interviews.

Based on the Publisher

Alone, namely with the author’s own initiative and published at the cost of the manufacturer. Examples of biographies of public figures.

Sponsor, the publishing fee is borne by the sponsor. No problem between behavior and not because the important thing has been published. If sold, the price is very high.