Will You Go Umrah With Your Children? It Can be a Good Time to Teach Them More About Religion

You can also use the knowledge learned during umrah to educate children. Teach them about the meaning of sacrifice in worshiping Allah SWT. Even then, the Prophet and the Companions struggled to defend his religion. Of course, teaching children about religion as early as possible is the obligation of parents. If you have money and want to go Umrah, it would be better to invite your children by choosing the best package at www.hajjandumrah.com/hajj-packages. You can even ask if there is the special package for children.

Just like you, children can also gain knowledge by visiting the center directly. Introduce them to Hajar Aswad, Hijir Ismail, Zamzam wells, and other interesting objects. For them to be amazed and want to linger in the Grand Mosque. At that time, you can instill Islamic values in children. In order to further strengthen faith and increase worship to God everywhere. Not only when in the Grand Mosque.