Vape Becomes Urban Lifestyle

Vape goes on to become a lifestyle for urban urban people who are slowly dragging down conventional cigarette commodities. It was Hon Lik who in 2003 discovered and patented electronic cigarettes as the beginning of the birth of the world vape industry. Hon Lik was inspired to create vape in early 2000 because seeing his father who had lung cancer could not stop his joke on tobacco cigarettes. Now, you can turn wax into e juice on our website.

Technically, Hon Lik’s electric cigarette findings consist of a small-powered device that flows liquid aqueous nicotine solution or better known as a liquid into a form of solid steam with a lot of quantity. Then the vapor produced by vape looks more like mist. Over time, the demand for vape has increased thanks to its campaign as a substitute for tobacco cigarettes which are considered dangerous.

Some manufacturers of vape device providers are established in China, the United States, and the United Kingdom because of the increasing market demand. Initially, vape comes as an alternative function and solution to addiction to cigarettes. But now we can see vape being a prestigious lifestyle.